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Fitness & Gym
Fitness & Gym

Gym Equipment, Sports Wear, Gears & Pedometre

Keeping fit is a daily requirement for healthy living. Get pedometre, gym equipment, jogging shoes, shirts, pants and treadmills

Fitness & Gym  There are 25 products.


  • Pedometer

    Omron, GNC & Other Branded Names

    Measure and know your physical activity level using a pedometer. Available in different colours, shape, brands and mode of counting

  • Armband

    Firm Armband, Adaptable to all Skin Types

    Don't have to leave your phone behind while jogging or exercising. All you need is a firm arm band. Order Now

  • Jogging Shirts

    A wide range of brands, quality and texture

    Get good quality jogging shirts and tops from known designer labels at competitive prices

  • Jogging Shoes

    Durable, high traction & wide range of sizes

    Get comfort shoes designed to reduce sprain and with sufficient surface-grip to prevent slipping-off during jogging and exercising.

  • Cervical Collar Support

    Firm yet soft and comfortable support

    Stability support to the neck and steady it for effective healing, postural correction and therapeutic support following neck injury.

  • Jogging Pants

    Comfortable, free style and all sizes

    Don’t just put on anything while you jog or exercise. Do it in style and fashion. Order Now!

  • Gym Equipment

    High grade, branded and durable

    Quality gym equipment, treadmill, exercise Bike, abs equipment at competitive prices

  • Body Tape

    Accurate, durable and comfortable

    Now you can measure any part of your body with easy-to-use body tapes. Measure your arms, waist, chest, legs and more.

  • Back Support Braces

    Soft, Comfortable and yet Firm

    Effective lumbar & back support braces of various brand, size and color

  • Thigh & Hamstring Support

    A Wide Range of Brands, Sizes, Color, and Texture

    Provide comfortable compression for weak or overstressed thigh and hamstring muscles

  • Knee Support

    A Wide Range of Brands, Sizes, Color, and Texture

    Buy products online that provide firm and uniform support for the knees

  • Wrist & Elbow Support

    Wrist Support for All Sports and Sizes, Color and Texture

    Firm support around weakened and strained area of the wrist and elbow

  • Body Fat Caliper

    Reliable and Accurate Body Fat Caliper

    Easily take measurement and monitor your body fat

  • Arm & Shoulder Support

    Support for Broken Arm & Dislocated Shoulder

    Provide support for the arm and shoulders to assist healing