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Relief for Pains, Aches and Sprains

Pains disrupts your ability to function effectively but never mind we have brought to your convenience advice and medication

Analgesics There are 102 products.


  • Anti-Inflammatory

    Remedy for Inflammation

    Your need for remedying pain by reducing inflammation is catered for here at our online pharmacy.

  • Body Pain

    Get remedy for the relief of Body Pain

    Body pain can be discomforting and disorientating get what you need for relief here

  • Head Ache & Migraine

    Remedies for Head Aches & Migraine

    Fill-up your prescription by placing the order with us and we deliver your medication to your door step.

  • Menstrual Pain

    Lower Abdomen Pains, Cramps and Seizures

    It is additional pain to physically walk up to get your prescribed menstrual pain medication. Relax and order online

  • Muscle Pain

    Muscle Sprain, Strain, Cramps and Pains

    Save the extra pain by ordering online for genuine analgesics to relief muscles pains and aches and get delivery at your door step

  • Post Partum Pain

    Contraction After Child Birth can cause severe Pain

    Fill up your doctor's prescription online at MalboPharmacy.Com for Abdominal and perineal pain due to child birth.

  • Rheumatics & Arthritis

    Inflammed Joints can cause Severe Pains

    Order for genuine medication to relief the pains caused by the inflammation of the body joints

  • Stomach Ache

    Abdominal Cramps, Pains & Aches

    Stomach ache otherwise referred to as abdominal pain could be severe and also disrupt your daily routine.

  • Teething

    Teething can be discomforting & lead to Sore Puffy Gums

    Buy medication to help soothe and relief the discomfort of teething in your baby

  • Tooth Ache

    Inflammed Tooth Cavity or Diseased Gum

    Get effective and genuine medication from a wide range of brands to relief the pains and discomfort of tooth ache.

  • Haemorrhoids

    Ano-rectal Conditions, Anal Itching & Fissures

    Get medication prescribed for the treatment of haemorrhoids and other minor ano-rectal conditions.

  • Colic & Griping Pain

    Calming Relief from Colic & Griping Pain in Infants

    Shop online for colic and griping pain relief medication from renown pharmaceutical brands 

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