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Wound Dressing

Treatment for Injuries and Bruises

Create and maintain the right environment and optimal conditions for wound healing.

Wound Dressing There are 5 products.


  • Adhesive Plaster

    High Quality, Durable Sticky Plasters

    Promotes wound healing and prevents infection of open skin cuts

  • Anti-Septic Wipes

    Clean, Sterile & Anti-septic Wipes

     Disinfecting wounds, skin cuts and also for sanitizing the hands and surfaces

  • Bandages

    Support for Fracture & Wound Dressing

    Get genuine bandages to help you support a particular part of your body or assist in the dressing of wounds and cuts

  • Cotton Wool

    Sterile, Absorptive & Anti-septic Cotton Wool

    Buy sterilized and absorptive cotton materials commonly used in dressing wounds

  • Spray Plaster

    Antiseptic Waterproof Transparent Spray

    Antiseptic waterproof and transparent film for the protection of wounds and grazes