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Injections & Infusions

Intravenous and Intermuscular

Order for injection and infusion products at competitive prices. Remember to discard after each use

Injections & Infusions There are no products in this category.


  • Syringes

    Sterile, High Quality & Durable Syringes

    Order high quality syringes at competitive prices. remeber to discard after each use

  • Needles

    Good Quality Hospital Needles

    It is important to use good quality needles for injections. Remember to discard after each use

  • Drip Sets

    High Grade and Quality Drip Sets

    Buy good quality drip sets at prices you wount get on the street

  • Blood Transfusion Set

    Safe and High Quality Blood Transfusion Set

    Buy high quality blood transfusion set from MalboPharmacy.Com

  • IV Canulla

    Genuine Venous Cannula

    Buy items that assist the administration of infusions