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High Quality Stainless Surgical Blades & Lancets

Order online for surgical items from blades, lancet to sterilizing agents at competitive prices

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  • Surgical Blades

    Stainless, Sterile & Durable Surgical Instruments

    Buy high quality stainless steel surgical blades an unbeatable prices

  • Disposable Hand Gloves

    High Quality Latex Hand Protection Gloves

    Buy protective hand gloves to keep your hands from contamination from unwanted substances

  • Nylon Sutures

    Non-absorbable, Sterile Surgical Mono-filament Sutre

    Premium quality sterile surgical sutures for surgery at unbeatable prices

  • Scissors & Tweezers

    High Quality and Durable Stainless Steel

    Medical scissors & tweezers for first box, clinics and hospitals

  • Surgical Masks

    Protective Face Mask

    Protect your face and breath with high grade face mask during surgery and other medical examination

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