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Cosmetics - Make Up

Beauty Redefined with High Quality Cosmetic Products

Eye pencil & liner, eye shadow and mascara, face cleanser and powder to other range of cosmetics products for your beauty needs

Cosmetics - Make Up There are 19 products.


  • Artificial Eye Lashes

    More Beauty with that Extra Eye Lashes

    Carefully selected brands of beautiful artificial eye lashes at unbelievable prices 

  • Eye Pencil & Liner

    Line Your Eye with Beautiful Colours

    Available in our store is a wide range of eye pencil and liner to help you meet your beauty needs

  • Eye Shadow & Mascara

    Eye Shadow & Mascara Make Up

    Shop from our wide range of eye shadow and mascara for your beauty needs

  • Face Powder

    Brighten Up your Face with Some Powder

    Shop from our wide range, varied colour and brands of face powder for your beauty needs

  • Lipstick & Gloss

    High End and Long Lasting 

    Top of the brand lipstick and lip gloss 

  • Make Up Remover

    Easy and Fast Acting Make Up Removers

    Get fast acting and easy to use liquid make-up remover and face wipes