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Breast Feeding Mum

All you need as Lactating Mum

Shop online for items required by a breast feeding mum such as breast pads and brazzier

Breast Feeding Mum There are 3 products.


  • Breast Milk Pumps

    Safe and Hygienic Breast Milk Extractor

    Get high grade, durable and safe breast milk pump to ensure you do not miss out on breast feeding your baby

  • Breast Feeding Pads

    Soft, Comfortable and Easy to Use Breast Feeding Pads

    Buy soft and highly absorbent breast feeding pads to avoid the embarrassment of breast milk soaking your shirt

  • Breast Feeding Bra

    Soft and Easy to Put On Brazziers

    Shop from our wide range of high quality breast braziers for lactating mothers 

  • Nipple Softener

    Premium Quality Nipple Softener and Cream

    Softens Strong Dry Nipples for Easy Breast Feeding

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