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Test & Diagnostics

Fully Automatic, High Precision & Durable Digital Devices

High precision and durable medical test and diagnostic gadgets and equipment for medical dagnosis

Test & Diagnostics There are 32 products.


  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Automatic, Accurate & Comfortable

    Fully automatic, digital and intelligent blood pressure monitor of different brands for accurate high blood pressure reading

  • BMI Scales

    Automatic & Intelligent Body Mass Index Scales

    Buy high precision and durable BMI Scales to help you effectively monitor your body weight

  • Clinical Thermometer

    Digital Clinical Body Temperature 

    Buy digital clinical thermometer with accurate body temperature readings at MalboPharmacy.Com

  • Glucometers

    Blood Glucose Test Device

    Effectively monitor blood sugar levels by buying and using a glucometer. Order Now

  • Glucose Test Strips

    Test Strips for a Wide Range & Types of Glucometre

    A small strip whose end is impregnated with glucose oxidase and used with a glucometer to approximate blood glucose level

  • Lancets

    Sterile, Stain Less High Grade Lancets

    Buy high strength stainless medical blades commonly called scalpel and often used during surgery.

  • Pregnancy Test

    Sensitive, Accurate & Precise Test for Pregnancy

    Order now for high precision pregnancy test strips and ovulation test kits at competitive prices

  • Stethoscope

    Good Quality Acoustic Medical Device for Auscultation

    Order for stethoscope, a medical device for measuring heart beat and pulse rate

  • Weighing Scales

    Body Weight Measuring Devices

    A wide range of medical weighing scales and measuring devices with precise and accurate digital and analogue readings and results

  • Ovulation Test Kit

    Ovulation Test Kit

    Wide range of Ovulation test kits that provides clear results and help increase your chances of conceiving naturally

  • Malaria Test

    Quick, Fast and Reliable Malaria Test Results

    Shop for high precision and Instant test and diagnosis devices for malaria parasite

  • HIV Test Kit

    Be Sure and Confident on the Go

    Shop for durable and reliable do it yourself HIV Test kits. Eliminates oubt in no time