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Dosage Form
Dosage Form

Capsule, Tablet, Ointment & Injection

The physical form of medication dose which determines the route administering of a given drug.

Dosage Form There are 766 products.


  • Ampoules

    High Potent Medicines in Vials

    Highly active ingredients in container of glass for patients use

  • Aerosols

    Medicines Administered in Fine Particles

    Suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets of therapeutic substances in a gaseous form usually applied through nose or throat by atomizer

  • Balm

    Greasy Topical Medications

    Usually for treatment of skin infection or used as a topical analgesic

  • Capsules

    Medicines in Capsules Form

    A relatively stable hard shell used to enclose medicines allowing them to be taken orally.

  • Caplets

    Oval Shaped Medicinal Form

    A form of medicine presentation that is usually oval in shape, smooth, tamper-resistant and coated in a soluble substance to facilitate swallowing.

  • Cream

    Semi Solid Topical Pharmaceutical Preparation

    Usually in the form of semi-solid emulsions often applied on the skin, rectum, or vagina as medication. 

  • Gel

    Semi-solid Pharmaceutical Preparation

    A colloidal form of medication often used for topical application.

  • Effervescents

    Solid and Fast Dissolving Medicines

    Tablet preparation usually in tablet form that quickly dissolves when placed into a liquid especially water

  • Emulsion

    Get Medicines that are Mixtures of two activ ingredients

    We have medicines in emulsion form which contains two immiscible liquids made miscible with the help of emulsifying agents

  • Eye Drops

    Effective Medication Drops for the Eye

    Medicines in liquid form that are administered in drops into the ear.

  • Foam

    Topical Foamy Application for Quick Healing

    Medicinal preparation presented in the form of a foam and are usually applied topically

  • Lozenges

    Dissolves Easily and Helps Relieves Sore Throat

    A small medicated tablet usually sweetened and flavoured intended to be dissolved slowly in the mouth to soothe irritated tissues of the throat

  • Inhalers

    Inhalers for Nasal and Oral Ingestion

    Hand-held portable devices that deliver medication to the lungs via breathing (inhaling) mainly used for treatment of asthma.

  • Oral Drops

    Medicines in Oral Drop Forms

    These are solutions or suspensions that are dispensed orally in droplets

  • Mixture

    Medicines in Aqueous Form

    An aqueous liquid preparation with one or more suspended insoluble solid drug substances for internal administration

  • Nasal Drops

    Medicinal Droplets for Nasal Application

    Liquid medicinal preparations administered as drops into the nose to often relief nasal congestion.

  • Nasal Spray

    Atomised Nasal Spray for Effective Treatment

    Preparations of medicines in aqueous form that are administered through the nose by means of an atomizer

  • Oils

    Medicines In Oil Forms

    These are medicines that are in the form of oil which are often administered orally or topically

  • Ointments

    Medicines in Liquid or semi Liquid Form

    A preparation meant for external use containing substances possessing analgesic, soothing or stimulating properties. 

  • Pessaries

    Insertion for Treatment of Vaginal Infections

    A dosage form designed for insertion into the vagina, either to provide structural support, or as a method of delivering medication for local action in the vagina

  • Paint

    Use to Taint Wounds & Sores to Prevent Infection

    Liquid preparations that contains glycerine and volatile solvent which evaporates quickly to leave a dry film of medicine. They are often applied on the skin and other mucous membranes to fasten healing.

  • Solution

    Medicines in Solutions with other Active Ingredients

    Liquid preparation that can be applied topically and parentally 

  • Powder

    Topically Applied Medicine in Powder Form

    Mixtures of two or more medicines in finely divided forms that appears as dust often applied topically.

  • Softgels

    Medicines in Soft Capsules containing Liquid

    Soft-shelled form of medicines usually administered orally. 

  • Softlets

    Semi-Tablet Forms of Medicines

    Soft-shelled form for presenting medicines to be taken orally. 

  • Suppository

    Medicinal Form for Anal Insertion

    Suppositories are intended for insertion into body orifices where they melt, soften, or dissolve and exert localized or systemic effects. 

  • Spirits

    Alcoholic or Hydrochloric solutions of volatile substances

    Topically applied to disinfect wounds, cuts and bruises or as sterilizing agents

  • Suspension

    Soluble or Insoluble Drug Substance as Medication

    Liquid preparations containing insoluble or sparingly soluble drug substances in suspension form

  • Syrup

    Concentrated aqueous preparations of Medicine

    A sugar or substitute with or without flavoring that contain medicinal substances to be taken orally.

  • Tablets

    Compact and Compressed Form of Medicines

    Products containing medicines in compressed form, discoid in shape but may be round or long, cylindrical or triangular. 

  • Tonic

    Medicines in Viscous Flavoured Form

    Liquid preparation in viscous form that intended for oral administration, it is usually sweetened and flavoured.

  • Tincture

    Alcoholic or Hydrochloric Solutions

    Solutions containing comparatively low concentration of active ingredients of a particular drug form

  • Transdermal Patches

    Medicated Adhesive Patch for Effective Pain Relief

    Delivers a specific dose of medication through the skin and into the bloodstream

  • Gummies

    Medicines in the form of Chewable Gummies

    A form of drug presentation that is easily chewable and easy for administration to children

  • Ear Drops

    Drops for Ear Treatment

    Buy Genuine ear drops for effective treatment of infection

  • Liniment

    Medication in liquid or semi liquid form for topical application

    Shop for Effective Muscle and Body Relief Liniment

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