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Home Cleaning, Appliances, Laundry & Groceries

We have gone the mile to bring you carefully selected and a wide range of products to help make your house a refreshing home

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS There are 37 products.


  • Air Freshners

    Home Smells Sweet, Home Indeed

    Keep you home welcoming with sweetly and nicely fragrance air fresh sprays, aerosols, refills and dispensers

  • Cleaning Agents

    The Cleaner and Better Home

    Shop online for products that assist in the cleaning of floors, walls, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and toilets.

  • Groceries

    Carefully selected Groceries for you

    We have gone the mile to bring you carefully selected and a wide range of products 

  • Home Appliances

    A wide choice of Home Appliance

    Get the right items for your comfort at home as you do your daily chores

  • Laundry

    Detergents, Conditioners & Stain Removers

    Shop online in Nigeria for all your laundry needs, detergents, liquid detergents, washing conditioners and stain removers

  • Kitchen Accessories

    For Easy Chores in the Kitchen

    Buy high quality and durable kitchen accessories at affordable prices 

  • Pest Control

    Keep you home safe and pest free

    Shop online for fumigants, insecticides and pest control aerosols and liquids to keep your home safe from infestation