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Health & Medical Devices

Cutting edge medical equipment products that support your health needs

MEDICALS There are 50 products.


  • Wound Dressing

    Treatment for Injuries and Bruises

    Create and maintain the right environment and optimal conditions for wound healing.

  • First Aid Kits

    Emergency Care Kit & Accessories

    A combination of items required to provide initial and emergency care to victims of accidents or patients

  • Injections & Infusions

    Intravenous and Intermuscular

    Order for injection and infusion products at competitive prices. Remember to discard after each use

  • IV Fluids

    Maintain Body Fluids & Fast Delivery of Medication

    Order Online for high quality and Potent IV Fluids from reputable manufacturers

  • Sterilizing Agents

    Maintain Hygiene & Clean Medical Equipment

    Buy agents with high and potent sterilizing quality

  • Surgicals

    High Quality Stainless Surgical Blades & Lancets

    Order online for surgical items from blades, lancet to sterilizing agents at competitive prices

  • Test & Diagnostics

    Fully Automatic, High Precision & Durable Digital Devices

    High precision and durable medical test and diagnostic gadgets and equipment for medical dagnosis

  • Hospital Furniture

    Durable & High Quality Furniture & Equipment for Hospitals

    Buy carefully crafted and strong hospital furniture of clinical standard that will provide the aesthetic environment for healing

  • Nebulizers

    Quick Deposition of Medication

    Order online for medical nebulizers to help in the quick delivery of medication to the lungs