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Oral & Dental Care, Shaving, Bath & Shower

Buy consumer products that help maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness which are required for beautification and healthy wellbeing

PERSONAL CARE There are 175 products.


  • Bath & Shower

    Varied Brands of Liquid & Bar Soaps

    Get that memorable bath that leaves you clean, refreshed and your skin gentle.

  • Dis-Infectants

    High Grade & Quality Dis-infecting Products

    Shop for products with active constituents used in disinfecting surfaces from microbes and other substances to keep them clean and hygienic

  • Oral & Dental Care

    Fresh Breathe & Healthy Teeth

    Buy oral and dental care products at competitive prices. Fresh breathe and healthy teeth are not mutually exclusive.

  • Shaving & Hair Removal

    Clean Shavers & Hair Removing Agents

    Get affordable shaving and body hair removal products suitable for for varied skin types and hair texture.

  • Bathroom Essentials

    Comfort, Hygiene & Safety In the Bathroom

    All you need for clean and safe bathroom, towels, bathing robe, bathroom foot wares & accessories

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