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Feminine Hygiene

Intimate Wipes, Wash & Sanitary Pads

An important secret to radiating female beauty and general wellness. Order now for products to assist you keep clean and fresh

Feminine Hygiene There are 25 products.


  • Feminine Wash

    Femfresh, Lactacyd, Sebamed & Other Branded names

    There is nothing comforting as the fresh feeling of a clean genital area in women. Buy genuine soap free and low pH intimate wash.

  • Sanitary Pad

    Light, Medium & Heavy Flow

    Be confident and free during your monthly menstrual period. Buy good absorbable sanitary pads that keeps you feeling dry and comfortable

  • Panty Liners

    Always Dailies, Dr Brown & Other Banded Names

    Gentle on delicate skin with soft non-woven cover that neutralizes odour, captures moisture and keeps you clean and fresh for everyday protection.

  • Intimate Wipes

    Cleanses and Removes Odour

    It deep cleanses, removes germs and bacteria leaving you feeling, fresh, neat and smooth.

  • Intimate Powder

    Moisture & Odour Controll Intimate Powder

    Did you know that you have more sweat glands in your intimate areas than under your arm? And that intimate moisture and odour can be controlled

  • Tampons

    Feminine Hygiene in Style & Comfort

    Tampons helps you manage Mother Nature's "monthly gift" comfortably and confidently