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m-Medix is Nigeria's foremost and vibrant online pharmacy mall and marketplace supplying the product needs of customers from the world's leading pharmaceuticals, personal and beauty care brands. At m-Medix we provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of all the online traction and experience we have gained over the past years to boost your online presence. Whether you are a big Community Pharmacy Outlet on a high street or a small one at the corner of a street with aspiration for a wider service delivery, we provide you with access to tools and features to help you achieve your goals. Take advantage of our platform and enjoy access to a large customer base nation-wide, secure online transaction tools, prompt order process system, world-class customer service, free technical support. You do not have to spend all the time to gain customer confidence and become visible online as we have you covered. On m-Medix you are bound and required to adhere to our set standards/rules, agreements and other requirements for pharmacy practice. You are free to leave the platform at any time but we shall take down your own section from our platform once you decide to leave. Please kindly note the following when working on the seller dashboard


Your Store Information
Once your registration/sign-up is approved you will have access to a dash board to manage your company/business information, products and orders. Please ensure you enter the following information about your business/store (a) Legal Information (Company information) (b) Delivery Methods and Rules (c) Return Policy. If you have any difficulty please do not hesitate to contact us.
Your Product Information
You will maintain all rights and have full access to your store through the seller dashboard where you can upload your products. All products upload are subject to our review and approval. You can also pick from products already on our platform unto your own store.


Our Online Pharmacy Mall and Drugstore is an e-commerce service for Pharmacies around Nigeria - to list their products for sale and also interact with customers in their immediate environment and nationwide. By selling on our Pharmacy Mall, you have the opportunity to reach millions of customers, while providing them with the familiar, trustworthy shopping experience that we are known for.