Top 5 Oral Hygiene Tips For Everyone
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Top 5 Oral Hygiene Tips For Everyone

Having good oral hygiene isn\'t just about having a pretty smile, it\'s about your overall health as well. Read oral hygiene tips.

With 30% of millennials failing to brush their teeth enough, more people are in need of dental hygiene than ever. The problem is knowing which dental hygiene tips to follow. There are many conflicting sources of information that give different reasons for the importance of good hygiene. Here are 4 hygiene tips you should be following along with details on why you should take care of your teeth religiously.

1. Use a Straw

If you\'re worried about tooth discoloration or you can\'t let go of sugary drinks, you should probably use a straw.

Coffee and tea are notorious for staining teeth. While they won\'t do too much damage to your teeth on their own, if you care about how your teeth look, you can skip the whitening and use a straw instead. Straws can allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks by skipping their ability to rest on your bottom teeth and getting right to your tongue.

If you\'re a lover of black coffee, try using a straw as often as possible to avoid teeth stains and having to go through whitening or more frequent cleanings.

2. Floss More

Flossing is probably one of the most underutilized elements of oral hygiene. Regular flossing will help to fully clean each tooth from any elements that could contribute to decay.

Flossing daily is the ideal way to keep plaque from collecting on your teeth and helping to feed bacteria that could break down your teeth and gums. Gum disease can be prevented by regular flossing. You\'ll be removing any potentially infectious agents and keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

3. Avoid Sugar

Sugar is one of the worst things for our mouths, but some of us have a hard time avoiding sweet treats. Whether it\'s soda, juice, or sweet pastries, no matter how slim your waistline is, oral hygiene requires that you clean up after you consume them.

The bacteria that causes bad breath is fed by sugar and sweet foods. As you eat more sugar and sweets, you\'re more likely to have bad breath. Even just a little bit of sugar in your coffee could cause problems over time.

When possible, eat natural fibrous fruits instead of drinking juice or choose a naturally sweet treat instead of a sugary drink. Even chewing sugar-free gum could help.

4. Get Regular Checkups

The most important step for hygiene is to visit your dentist regularly. Getting a cleaning every six months will ensure that any problems will be caught before they become serious.

You\'ll be able to fill cavities before they turn into major issues. You can also see where you might have problems in the future and make a plan.

Hygiene Tips Are Essential To Good Health

While these oral hygiene tips might seem like they\'re only relevant to your teeth, they actually connect to your entire body. Infections in your gums and mouth can result in more serious conditions, even relating to good heart health.

If you\'re concerned about having a healthy heart, check out our latest guide.