What Is Coronavirus? 5 Things You Need to Know
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What Is Coronavirus? 5 Things You Need to Know

You hear about it everywhere in the news and online, but what is Coronavirus exactly? 

You hear about it everywhere in the news and online, but what is Coronavirus exactly? How at risk are you, and how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick?

Before you panic, get educated. Here are five basic things you need to know about the outbreak and how it affects you.

1. What Is Coronavirus? 

What is Coronavirus? It is new, so experts are still gathering information and research about it. Here is what we do know, it started in China in a place called Wuhan. The World Health Organization believes it originated in a food market where exotic animals and plants are sold.

Similar to other illnesses, the Coronavirus belongs to a family of viruses like that of the common cold. It is referred to medically as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2.

a) How It Spreads

It is currently believed that the virus spreads person to person not unlike the common flu. Similar to other viruses in the same family, Coronavirus is likely spread when an individual comes in contact with respiratory droplets from an infected person. Coughing or sneezing are considered the most likely cause of spreading.

b) Symptoms

The Coronavirus may take anywhere from two to 14 days after infection to manifest symptoms in an infected individual. Symptoms generally include coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.

c) Treatment

There is currently no vaccine for the Coronavirus as it is a new virus still being understood by doctors and scientists. In many cases, however, individuals who have no other serious health problems or illnesses, have been cleared of the virus.

d) How to Protect Yourself

As with the flu and many other severe respiratory illnesses, there are some basic steps you can take to prevent getting sick or spreading illness to others:

i) Wash your hands thoroughly and often. When washing hands, use soap and warm/hot water. If soap and water are unavailable, use hand sanitizer when needed

ii) If your hands are unclean, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose

iii) Avoid close contact with sick individuals or those who may be recovering from similar symptoms

iv) If you yourself are sick or suffering from any symptoms, stay home from school, work, or public locations to avoid getting others sick

v) Don\'t eat or serve undercooked meats. Thoroughly clean counters, surfaces, and utensils used to prepare raw meats

vi) Sneeze or cough into a tissue or your arm or elbow

e) Should I Wear A Mask?

The CDC does NOT recommend healthy people wear medical masks as a form of protection from the Coronavirus. The only time this may be necessary is if your physician specifically advises you to do so.

2. Taking Action

Now you know what is Coronavirus and you are one step closer to preventing yourself and loved ones from contracting it. When it comes to your health, knowledge can be real power. For more insights into the world of health and science and how they affect you, browse the Health and Wellness portion of our blog today.