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Oct 27, 2018 1 Comments Health Tips

Tips for Lowering Blood Pressure

How Medication and Lifestyle Changes Work Together

If you have high blood pressure, medication and lifestyle changes can work together to help manage it. Read here about tips for lowering blood pressure. The World Health Organisation divides the world into six regions. In the African region, an estimated 46% of adults are suffering from hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. Making lifestyle changes alongside medication can help lower the management and treatment of high blood pressure. If you are one of that 46%, or you are worried that you might be, read on for tips for lowering blood pressure


1) What is Hypertension?

Many people who have high blood pressure don't know they have it. That's because it doesn't have obvious symptoms. Most cases are discovered when a person goes for treatment for something else.

Blood pressure is made up of two measurements, which are presented as numbers; for example, normal blood pressure should 120/80. Anything over 130/80 is considered hypertension, which carries an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.


2) Tips for Lowering Blood Pressure

a) Prevention

If your blood pressure is currently normal, and you want to learn how to prevent hypertension you should consider the following: 1) Maintaining a healthy weight. 2) Eating a balanced diet. 3) Watching your salt intake. 4) Regular Exercise. 5) Moderate Alcohol intake.

b) Medication

Your doctor may prescribe medication to help control your hypertension. Although single medications were once prescribed, doctors are now looking at combination treatments which can be more effective.

c) Lifestyle Changes

If you're wondering how to control high blood pressure without medication, this is the section for you. In order to support the treatment recommended by your doctor, it is possible to make lifestyle changes which can lower your blood pressure. Here are a few ideas to consider:

d) Does exercise reduce blood pressure?

Yes. Exercising in sessions of about 30 minutes each day will have a positive effect. The trick is to make the exercise moderate. Find out your resting heart rate, then do exercise that elevates that to between 50 & 85%. Walking, swimming, fitness classes, and dance are all good examples.

e) Watch your Diet

Choosing a diet with lots of whole grains, fruit and vegetables can help lower your blood pressure. There is a specific diet called Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. It can be helpful to lower the amount of salt that you have in your diet, as this can contribute to hypertension.

f) Stop Smoking

Although this may not be an easy step, its worth doing if you have high blood pressure. Whenever you smoke, you temporarily increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

g) Listen to Music

- The song Weightless by Marconi Union was written specifically to lower blood pressure. But listening to many kinds of music can help lower blood pressure without drugs.

h) Monitor your Blood Pressure

For some people, just seeing a doctor can raise their blood pressure. Known as White Coat Syndrome, it can cause you to have an inaccurate reading. If you have hypertension, you can track your progress by monitoring your blood pressure at home on a regular basis.


3) You Can Help Yourself

Although getting a diagnosis of hypertension can be worrying, we hope that these tips for lowering blood pressure are helpful. There are things that you can do to help yourself. For more information on this and other health conditions, follow our blog today!

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  • Very good development

    Sale Lukman Abdulkadir
    Oct 29, 2018

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